SEO and PPC Campaign

Impeccable Tech: A Case Study of’s One-Year SEO and PPC Campaign

Our client journey with, a leading provider of vent tabs for automotive enthusiasts, embarked on a SEO and PPC campaign with the aim of enhancing the online visibility, increasing traffic, and driving in sales.

Over the course of one year, VentTabs implemented a planned approach to digital marketing, using both organic and paid channels to achieve its objectives. Our case study provides insights into the strategies, tactics, and outcomes of VentTabs`s SEO and PPC campaign from initiation to one-year mark.

Project Name
Impeccable Tech: A Case Study of’s One-Year SEO and PPC Campaign
Our Role
SEO and PPC Campaign

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Increase the organic visibility and rankings on google results pages (SERPs).
  2.  Drive traffic to the website.
  3.  Improve conversion rates and generate sales for Venttabs.
  4. Enhancing the brand awareness and earning recognition within the automotive accessories market.

Our Strategy Implementation:

SEO Campaign
We conducted a keyword research which is the first step to identify high-value keywords relevant to vent tabs and automotive accessories then optimized the website content, meta tags, and headers with targeted keywords to improve the organic visibility.

The next step was to implement technical SEO enhancements, which were website speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, and schema markup following that we engaged in link-building practices to build a backlink profile from automotive websites.

Lastly, we regularly created content such as product descriptions, blog posts, and how-to guides for user engagement and increasing organic traffic

PPC Campaign:

We conducted keyword research to identify search terms for PPC advertising.

We crafted Ad copy highlighting VentTabs’s unique selling propositions then implemented targeted
advertising across search engines and the Google Display Network to reach potential customers.

Then the next crucial step was to employ bid management techniques to optimize PPC campaign
performance while adhering to budget constraints, we conducted A/B testing of ad creatives, landing
pages, and targeting parameters to identify and optimize the most effective combinations.

Results Achieved:

SEO Campaign:

  1. The website achieved an increase in organic visibility, with ranking on the first page of SERPs for the targeted keywords.
  2. We saw rise in organic traffic, with a year-over-year increase of 150%.
  3. We observed improvement in website engagement metrics, including average session duration and pages per session, indicating increased user interest and interaction.
  4. Expansion of the backlink profile with high-quality inbound links from authoritative automotive websites.
  5. The website`s brand credibility and authority was enhanced within the automotive accessories market.

PPC Campaign:

  1.  We observed 200% increase in sales through PPC.
  2. We achieved a positive ROI for PPC advertising, with a 30% increase in revenue attributed to the PPC campaign.
  3. By performing Ad performance optimization we saw high click-through rates (CTR) and sales.
  4. The brand visibility was enhanced and recognised through PPC ads across search queries and websites within the automotive niche.

Our Observation:
In the course of one year, VentTabs with our team`s integrated SEO and PPC campaign which proved to be highly successful in achieving their marketing objectives.

We strategically leveraged both organic and paid channels and successfully increased Vent Tab`s online visibility, targeted traffic, and significant conversions ,sales and VentTabs also solidified its position as a trusted provider of high-quality automotive accessories in the market.

Hence,going forward we remain committed to our client to continue to optimize and refine VentTab`s digital marketing strategies to sustain the current momentum and bring in continued success.

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